Who We Are?

We are India's first shop based e-commerce marketplace Headquarter In On Nagpur City Maharashtra. Rostail is an E-commerce Platform where customer can shop from their nearby, known or favourite shop in few clicks. We empower the retailer by providing our services from which they can showcase their products in easy and efficient.

What we deliver?

We are here to deliver from daily products like milk, bread, egg to fruits, from ladies fashion to their makeup kit, from boys fashion to kids wear. We are delivering the services based on the city structure and we are currently available to shop in Tumsar.

9110 Items in Store

The marketplace is build by products and we are in early stage but will increase our numbers as days pass and give customer a run for their money.

90% Our Customers comeback

Customer engagement is a vital process in any business success mantra and we are delighted that our customer has given us that opportunity and we are proud on them.

1364 User of the site

We are super happy with the people who have loved our product and we are looking forward for more in near future. Customer are the backbone of any business and we need your support in doing that.


We are in hyper-local delivery space where we take the order from customer of his/her location and we bring the retailer of that location. The delivery which we estimate is 60 min. per order.


One of our partner just walking by the roadside and he think for a minute that if we are able to make these retailers engage with technology and improve business, it will boost for them. So we started the platform to help millions of retailer to adhere into our platform.


When we think of the idea of Rostail we want to make each and every small and medium retailer into our platform. We want to make the retailer of India technology enabled, innovation enabled and to expand their customer reach through our platform.

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